jumping, oh, joy!

The little girl has discovered the joy of jumping (or is it bouncing?). She jumps when she is in her bed. She jumps when she is in the couch. She jumps when she does not get her way. Yes, I have a jumping (and climbing) child which is not safe for her limbs nor for my sanity. Now I have to keep an eye on her when she is awake. This is like a repeat of when the little man was her age. No amount of baby proofing the whole house is good enough, he found ways to hurt himself which I think is what is going to happen to the little girl. Oh, there will be bruises and cries and boo boos to be kissed. I will hate it and it will scare me to death knowing she is hurt but I will have to learn to live with it. Comes with the job description. Wonder why kids do things that will hurt them? They cry and act hurt but then they do the same things over and over. Or at least my kids do. Baffling.

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  1. Lermz Pascoe says:

    Hello MomiNice! Aw I’m not alone man d-i? hehe! mao perme nako gusto na naa sa playpen na dako c baby kay bisag asa ra muabot if naa sa gawas..maau nalang sanay cia sa cage..pero ang problema lagi inig naa mi sa gawas kay murag nakagawas pud sa hawla, mahurot jud akong energy sa pag sunod2x..plus ang chagit tabsing kaau tingog oi! mao i prefer balay nalang jud tame cia.

  2. admin says:

    saputon bitaw si bana sa sound ni sophie inig singgit mami unya raba dili moundang kung dili jud matuman ang iyang gusto maru kaayo lol maka embarrass mn ni xa dalhon sa gawas gani kay di jud kamao mauwaw.. mao ang ending bilin mi sa haws hays laag pa naman unta ko lol

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