cyber monday shopping

I did not have plans to buy anything today. The things that I do want to get are expensive and so I have decided to wait for the right time to purchase the items. Sure I will have to wait and the waiting will probably aggravate me but I have made up my mind. But when I opened my inbox this morning I had tons of emails with all kinds of Cyber Monday deals and offerings. I went and checked a few of them but did not find anything I want to spend my money on. Then I opened Amazon and found a nice wristwatch that I thought the husband will like. It is nothing fancy but it is the brand he favors. I thought I will get him one for his Christmas present. Busybody that he is checked what I was doing, saw the image on my screen, read on it, then told me to get him one and my father one too. He said he will pay for both which he did. There goes my surprise Christmas present, lol. We got the watches for less than a hundred dollars. The original price was supposedly two hundred so I think we did have a good deal. I looked for women’s watches but did not find anything to my liking. It is either there is a problem with the design or the price so I stopped looking. I am happy with my purchase today.

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  1. ako ni says:

    haha busted ang Christmas present for hubby diay nakit an, pero maayo sad kay siya bayad. ka nice ba hubby oi mao may mohagad… palit pud ta ka’g imo bisan di watch basta para imo..

  2. admin says:

    mopalit btaw unta ko dai pero wa man koy nakita na gusto jud nko kaayo maong wala na least naapil palitan ug relo si papsy 🙂

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