hair fix

The little girl has really thin hair. Her hair is not only thin but when it is dry it looks like bird’s nest. I do not even know how to describe it. Her hair goes all over the place and no amount of brushing works. I thought it looked awful. The husband thinks it is cute. When I gave her a bath this morning I thought about something, why not put coconut oil in her hair? It is believed to make one’s hair thicker and the scalp moisturized. This is what my parents told me and my cousins when we were growing up. We Filipinos believe in the healing qualities of coconut oil. Fortunately, I have plenty of organic coconut oil on hand. So I did the little girl’s hair. I put just enough to make her hair greasy but the husband was worried about it when, hours later, her hair is still greasy. He wanted to know if the grease will go away on its own. I assured him it is not permanent so he settled down. The little girl looks so cute with her hair greasy and wet-looking all the time. It stayed neat too. There was no bird’s nest at all today. And I did not see her scratch her head which is a good thing. I plan to do this to her hair perhaps once a week. I will also do mine because the coconut oil does help my scalp from getting too dry and flaky. I hope that the coconut oil will do wonders to her hair and it will make it thicker. If nothing else, she will have beautiful, shiny hair when I get done with her hair.

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2 Responses to hair fix

  1. ako ni says:

    perting presko na diay tan awn si little girl day, bitaw nindot e bubho ang tuno mao pud na amo gamit sauna kinapobrehan di ka afford palit shampoo gali, perla ipang nosnos sa ulo atimana…

  2. admin says:

    kahaknot raba sa buhok kung perla gamiton lol ka experience pd ko ana kay kining poorness lagi tawn kaayo nagtubo.. maong palaban sa tuno sa lubi aw kay payts na

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