we had a good time

Well, the friends came. With food, which was a good thing because I could not think of anything else to prepare other than the fried fish (tulingan), fried dried fish, and pineapple for dessert. The husband said some host I was, lol. The lack of food did not bother my friends. One of them brought over pork dishes while the other brought pizza much to the little man’s (and the husband’s) delight. As it happens when Filipinos get together, we ate and talked most of the time. One of the friends I have known for years already while the other I knew for two years. It did not matter how long we knew each other though, we enjoy each others company and our kids are good to each other. Below are the pictures of the food we had that day (stolen from my friend’s Facebook page). It’s not much but it filled us up. You have to excuse the way the pictures are presented because it might be true that I have been blogging for a long time but I still have to know some tricks especially when posting pictures. 😀

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    Kalami ba ani’ng mga foods dre Mommy Jan oi.. sige ra ko kakita ani mag-blog hop ko dre, wla na jud ko ka-agwanta ni-comment na jud ko.. hehe.. haizzt gutommmmmm.. 🙂

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