presents from santa

We have been busy rounding up items for the little girl’s wishlist. The husband and I agreed that we are not going to go overboard with gifts. Thankfully, the toys that the little girl wants are mostly on clearance. Way cheaper than the little man’s list three years ago. We have most of the stuff for her but we do not know what to get for him. He knows there is no Santa. His father talked to him about it last year on one of their talks. He knows that if he gets a present for the holidays, it is from mommy and daddy. He is fine with it. He does not tell his sister this fact though. We want her to believe for as long as she wants. Anyway, the husband saw a drum set at one of the stores we went to and asked me if the little man will like it. I said absolutely not. It was cheap and made for younger kids. I told him his son would more likely like¬†gretsch usa custom¬†drum set. He is very picky and knows quality unlike most kids who are happy with whatever is given them. I did remind the husband that drums equals noise. That stopped him from doing anything more. Lol! I may just buy him a game console since he talked about wanting a wii u months ago. We will see if he has not changed his mind yet.

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