Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The little girl is excited to see if Santa’s reindeer ate the “food” she scattered in our yard last night. She was so worried about Santa not being able to bring in her presents because we do not have a chimney but her worries were unfounded when Santa came in days early and left the presents under the tree while she was at school. She opened those presents days before Christmas that the husband had to buy more presents to put under the tree last night. Lol. She is a character for sure. The little man has a new wii u which they already are using. We are having a good Christmas despite of the husband being sick. We should have been either in Florida or VA Beach this Christmas but we did not get to go because daddy was sick. We had to stay home and enjoy the holidays as much as we can even if the plan was to go on a short vacation somewhere. We are fine though, as long as we are together. Perhaps next year everybody will be okay health-wise so we can travel. I hope that everybody is having a good time with friends and family this season.

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