The husband and the little girl have this thing about playing Youtube videos loud. The kind of loud where you can hardly hear yourself think. For real! Fortunately for me, they only do this at certain times. Unfortunately, I can never tell when it happens. I think they get bored. The little man and I like it quiet in the house. The kind where you hear any and every sound there is. Even the house settling. I dread the days when those two do their thing because I have nowhere else to go. If there is one other thing I am grateful for is that we do not have the qsc kla12 speaker, instead we have cheap ones that does not sound too good when it gets too loud. Also, they do not do it for too long. About a half hour and they are ready for some quiet again. I was told that they are just trying to get rid of bad spirits that is why they do what they do. Yeah, right!

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