cat lady

The little girl has always been fond of cats. She is afraid of dogs and gets upset when one gets close but she runs after cats just to pet them. She has asked several times if we could please get her a cat but I do not think she is old enough to be responsible for a pet at 6 years old. So what does a kid do when she cannot have the pet she wants? She draws them! I have amassed a good amount of cat drawings in the last few months. Cats winking. Cats playing. Cats with hearts and painted nails. Even cats with wings. I bought her cat stuffed toys just to make her happy and she does seem happy but still asks every now and then if she could have a pet. We have agreed to get her a pet kitty on one condition and I promise to uphold my side of the bargain when my condition is meet. Until then, we will have to sit and wait and contend ourselves with cat pictures.

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