I am blessed to have smart kids. I just came home from a parent-teacher conference with the little girl’s teacher where I was told that her DIBELS test showed she is advanced in all areas tested. She is also currently doing second grade level on Lexia Core 5. I am very proud of her. The husband and I bought second grade activity workbooks for her to work on weekends because she already finished all lessons on a couple of first grade workbooks we bough for her. She loves to learn which is a good thing because it is for her own benefit one day. Her brother who is in gifted and talented is showing consistent grades and tests scores (all 99th percentile on standardized tests). I am so lucky and very grateful for having kids like them. True, they are a handful sometimes but so are a bunch of kids out there. I hope that they continue to want to learn more and that they grow up to be good people.

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