spelling bee winner

My fifth grader won their school’s spelling bee! I did not pay much attention when he said he was his classroom’s representative for the school-wide spelling bee. I did not think it was important, to be honest. Then he told me the date they were going to compete and I asked if it was okay for me not to attend. He said it was fine but that he would be happy if I was there. One of the reasons why I did not want to attend was I did not want to see him lose. I do not want to see my child’s disappointment if he did not win. But I realized that if I did not go and he lost then there will be nobody to cheer him up. So, I went. And I am very glad I did because even if I was a nervous wreck every time it was his turn to spell, I get to see him try his best. I waved at him to let him know I was there and he waved back. He did very good. I could tell he was nervous. As was I. He did very good considering he did not even study the words on the list that was given to all contestants weeks prior to the contest. He said there was no need because none of the words in the list was going to be used. Where he got the idea, I did not know. But I believed him so I did not force him to study. I am not sure if it was pure luck or it was because he has read so much the last few years that helped him but we were (and are still) very grateful he won. We are very proud of him. He will be off to the regional spelling bee this March and the whole family will be there to cheer him on, win or lose. We do hope he wins though. 😀

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