a good deal

I concede that as the kids get older, their needs/wants do not get cheaper. Although my kids do not ask a lot but what they ask sometimes gives me acid, lol. Gone are the days of plastic and battery operated toys. They want electronics or musical instruments and, yes, they want specific items or brands please. It is a good thing that we find 0% interest on instruments at musiciansfriend.com or online stores have sales going on almost on a daily basis. And if you are a parent, I am sure you know how to bargain hunt. I do. A lot of times. Because as much as I love my kids, I would really rather that I do not pay too much on something they need for school. I am grateful for the sales, discounts, and coupons that every store provide to their customers because every dollar saved is a big help to us.

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cat lady

The little girl has always been fond of cats. She is afraid of dogs and gets upset when one gets close but she runs after cats just to pet them. She has asked several times if we could please get her a cat but I do not think she is old enough to be responsible for a pet at 6 years old. So what does a kid do when she cannot have the pet she wants? She draws them! I have amassed a good amount of cat drawings in the last few months. Cats winking. Cats playing. Cats with hearts and painted nails. Even cats with wings. I bought her cat stuffed toys just to make her happy and she does seem happy but still asks every now and then if she could have a pet. We have agreed to get her a pet kitty on one condition and I promise to uphold my side of the bargain when my condition is meet. Until then, we will have to sit and wait and contend ourselves with cat pictures.

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The husband and the little girl have this thing about playing Youtube videos loud. The kind of loud where you can hardly hear yourself think. For real! Fortunately for me, they only do this at certain times. Unfortunately, I can never tell when it happens. I think they get bored. The little man and I like it quiet in the house. The kind where you hear any and every sound there is. Even the house settling. I dread the days when those two do their thing because I have nowhere else to go. If there is one other thing I am grateful for is that we do not have the qsc kla12 speaker, instead we have cheap ones that does not sound too good when it gets too loud. Also, they do not do it for too long. About a half hour and they are ready for some quiet again. I was told that they are just trying to get rid of bad spirits that is why they do what they do. Yeah, right!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The little girl is excited to see if Santa’s reindeer ate the “food” she scattered in our yard last night. She was so worried about Santa not being able to bring in her presents because we do not have a chimney but her worries were unfounded when Santa came in days early and left the presents under the tree while she was at school. She opened those presents days before Christmas that the husband had to buy more presents to put under the tree last night. Lol. She is a character for sure. The little man has a new wii u which they already are using. We are having a good Christmas despite of the husband being sick. We should have been either in Florida or VA Beach this Christmas but we did not get to go because daddy was sick. We had to stay home and enjoy the holidays as much as we can even if the plan was to go on a short vacation somewhere. We are fine though, as long as we are together. Perhaps next year everybody will be okay health-wise so we can travel. I hope that everybody is having a good time with friends and family this season.

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presents from santa

We have been busy rounding up items for the little girl’s wishlist. The husband and I agreed that we are not going to go overboard with gifts. Thankfully, the toys that the little girl wants are mostly on clearance. Way cheaper than the little man’s list three years ago. We have most of the stuff for her but we do not know what to get for him. He knows there is no Santa. His father talked to him about it last year on one of their talks. He knows that if he gets a present for the holidays, it is from mommy and daddy. He is fine with it. He does not tell his sister this fact though. We want her to believe for as long as she wants. Anyway, the husband saw a drum set at one of the stores we went to and asked me if the little man will like it. I said absolutely not. It was cheap and made for younger kids. I told him his son would more likely like gretsch usa custom drum set. He is very picky and knows quality unlike most kids who are happy with whatever is given them. I did remind the husband that drums equals noise. That stopped him from doing anything more. Lol! I may just buy him a game console since he talked about wanting a wii u months ago. We will see if he has not changed his mind yet.

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when cravings hit

filipino food

Over ten years away from home and I still crave for food I grew up eating. I am grateful I am able to get food that I crave for. No, I do not regularly eat the food items pictured above, only when cravings is at its worse. And a few weeks ago, I did have those cravings. I cooked the noodles with sardines, cooked the beef loaf with egg, and had a good few meals from both. The canned tuna did not need to be cooked which made it taste better, lol. Paired with hot steamed rice and my cravings was satisfied, until next time it hits. 😀

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