This is what happens when you tell your children to voice out their feelings. And, if you teach them to read and write at an early age. Five year old going on 15, lol.

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music lover

We went to the music store a few weeks ago to buy guitar picks. The little man is interested to learn to play the guitar (again!) and he wanted new picks so, being the supportive parents that we are, we went and got him what he wanted. We did not stay too long at the music store though because the little girl was eyeing the big piano on display like she was interested on what it can do while the little man was asking a salesperson what an avantone cv-12 can do. My kids do not have any concept about money and how best to spend it so we have to drag them out before they get it in their heads to whine about wanting to buy a musical instrument we do not even know how to use. Thankfully, we were able to get out without incidents.

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kindergarten update

So, the little girl seemed to be doing well in kindergarten. She did tell me a week after school started that she got in time out the first day because she was too loud. The succeeding days have been good, so far. I knew she would have a problem with being loud because she has always been vocal about everything. We have practiced indoor voice but she said there are a lot of rules at school she has to follow. She said she has been doing good though. I hope she is telling the truth and not just telling me things to keep me happy, lol. Her kindy teacher did tell us that if the kids get disciplinary issues in the classroom that she will send a note with the child. The thing is, our child can read and comprehend what she reads. I am afraid she will toss a note (if there is one) in the trash if she knows it will get her in trouble. She is learning to behave properly in a public setting which is really helpful. She already can read and write well before she started school and I expect her to get better before this school year is out.

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The little girl will be in kindergarten this year. She is torn between wanting to go to school and staying home with me. Some days she is excited about the idea of being in a place where the “big” kids are. Other days she says she would rather be home with me because she gets to play her online games. It is almost a struggle to get her to focus on school but she is only five after all. The husband thinks she is too young for school but we do not set the rules for the appropriate age kids go to school so we have to do what we got to do. The little man has been convincing his sister to go saying it is fun at school. He told her about art class, music class, PE, reading, recess at the playground and being around kids she can play with. She has opinions on every one of the mentioned things that I would not have been surprised if she said if she can bring her musicians friends with her. Lol! She is a trick. I am like her though. I am excited and at the same time worried. The little man did not go to school until first grade but he was bugging us before that to let him go to school. I hope she will do good in school and that she will have a good time learning and socializing. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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a spanking new ipad mini

A few months after the little girl broke her iPad mini, I broke down and bought a new one. The mini that she broke was the oldest model so I decided to replace it with a better and newer model iPad mini. I went ahead and bought 2 year insurance for it for incidentals. She does not use the new mini, I am letting her use another one which her brother previously owned. He gets to use the new iPad mini while she uses the older one. While she still gets upset and is sometimes rough on the tablet, I can say that she is getting better. I gave her rules to follow while using the iPad and she has so far done what she is told. I am hoping that she will take care of this one and that she will remember the rules at all times. The husband was not very keen on buying a new tablet because he said it is just a waste of money but I went ahead and did it anyway. I hope that the Ipads we have are going to last a long time.

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handy little things

When we stay at motels I always look forward to getting free stuff. Unlike most people, I do not go after toiletries or food. I go for pens. You know, the pens with the motel name and logo in it? I like to collect them. They have their uses,like when I need to write checks to pay bills, make lists (groceries and things-to-do), and any writing endeavors I may have to do for home and for school. And since my family has traveled quite a lot, I have a stash of pens in the car and at home. Believe me when I say, these little things are handy. The bigger chain motels have better pens than the smaller ones but I am not very picky as long as it works. Although I must admit there are times I would like to send the management an email with a heading check out these metal Pen Factory pens! so they will know that it does not hurt to give customers better pens. I wonder what reaction I will get. Lol! Anyway, the family may go on another trip north in a the next few weeks so I may have a chance to add another pen to my collection. Thank goodness for free stuff!

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